The 4 key employment terms

It is essential for all employers to have a good understanding of employment terms in Singapore, the benefits and responsibilities when hiring an employee. Having an in-depth understanding of employment terms will help you as an employer deliver the best experience to all employees and keep them away from struggles.  Employment terms allow both parties […]

3 benefits of having an employee profile

The benefits of a strong employer brand are undeniable and can make a big difference in attracting and retaining talents in this competitive marketplace. One strategic way to enhance your employer brand is through Employee profiles. An employee profile is the heart of the employee database and an essential part of your Human Resource Management […]

6 reasons to use an accounting software instead of Excel

“Is an accounting software worth the investment or should we use Excel only?” This is a commonly asked question when starting a company. Most Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) prefer to start with Excel as accounting software are slightly pricey; however, that’s only feasible up to a certain point. If you want your company to grow, […]

How to choose the best HRIS software for your company

Starting your research to choose your organisation’s first Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software can be daunting, with so many things to take note. The high stakes, a limited budget, and numerous choices offered in the market could be overwhelming.  Now, the question remains, how to choose the HRIS software best suited for your organisation? […]

3 Key Functions of an HRIS Software

Today, the Human Resource (HR) department has an active role to play which is to manage  the company’s most important asset: human capital. With the HR processes becoming more complex, new legislation for payslips to be prepared in a timely manner, HR professionals and employers must adapt to the new needs of employees. Cost of […]

5 common mistakes in your Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts (COA) is a financial tool that provides a complete listing of every account in the general ledger, broken down into subcategories. It sorts, organises, and consolidates the different specific accounts, making things easier for tracking and logging. However, many businesses struggle to keep well-managed COAs. That disorganisation can lead to inefficient […]

All you need to know about Digital Resilience Bonus

The Digital Resilience Bonus and Is It For Me? The past few months have not been kind to us business owners. Established conglomerates may be able to survive the crisis, but what about us SMEs? The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) is a grant introduced by the government to encourage SMEs to digitalise. It is currently […]

Version 1.31 Release Notes

Version 1.31 Release Notes We are proud to have released DashBod Version 1.31, with several notable few features and improvements that greatly improves the user experience. What’s New Sub-Ledger Account for Chart of Accounts We have included checkbox for “Subaccount of” for each Chart of Account. Allowing you to assign a parent account to a […]

Version 1.29 Release Notes

Version 1.29 Release Notes We are proud to have released DashBod Version 1.29, with several notable few features and improvements that greatly improves the user experience. What’s New Startup Wizard We have developed a Startup Wizard to help users with their company setup in DashBod, which will take an estimated time of 30 minutes. Red Box – […]

DashBod is now PEPPOL-ready!

DashBod is now PEPPOL-ready! Has your business joined the PEPPOL network?   What is the PEPPOL E-Invoicing Network? IMDA is implementing the Nationwide E-invoicing Initiative based on the international PEPPOL standard to help businesses improve efficiency, reduce cost, enjoy faster payment and stay green at the same time. DashBod is now PEPPOL-ready, enabling you to […]