Version 1.29 Release Notes


We are proud to have released DashBod Version 1.29, with several notable few features and improvements that greatly improves the user experience.

What’s New

Startup Wizard
We have developed a Startup Wizard to help users with their company setup in DashBod, which will take an estimated time of 30 minutes. 

  • Red Box – Percentage of Completion
  • Blue Box – Agenda for the setup
  • Green Box – To save your work and continue next time
  • Black Box – Continue to next step


New Invoice Format
We have included 2 new invoice formats, allowing you to now choose from 3 different invoice formats.

Invoice Template 2 (new)

Invoice Template 3 (new)

On-Screen Report
DashBod’s On-Screen Report allows you to drill down to the list of transactions within the parameters you’ve set, allowing you to generate reports for business analysis.

  • Red Box – Parameters to be selected for the generation of report
  • Blue Box – Download the file to PDF or Excel
  • Green Box – After parameters are selected, click ‘Apply’ to generate the report
  • Orange – Expand or merge all lines in the report

Red Box – Click in to drill down

We are currently developing more On-Screen Reports, hence do approach our DashBod staff to suggest the next type of On-Screen Report you would like to see in DashBod.


Changing of Modules’ Name
We have revised and improved the names of our modules for ease of reference.

Addition of Comment Field in Leave Module
We have added in an optional ‘Remarks’ field for employees, and a ‘Comment by Manager’ field for Management in our Leave Module.

Red Box – Employees can choose to leave a remark in their leave application specifying the leave they are applying for (example: Off-in-Lieu for Good Friday Public Holiday)

Red Box – The manager can choose to approve the leave request with or without a comment.


Multiple Expense Claims Approval
The claims approval process has been improved and now allows multiple expense claims from the same employee to be approved by Management all at once. Management also has the option to make a partial claims approval (example: approve 1 out of 3 expense claims submitted) in the event where additional document(s) are required from the claimant.

  • Orange Box – Status of the overall Expense Claim
  • Blue Box – Current cumulative approved amount
  • Green Box – Check box for approving or refusing multiple expenses
  • Red Box – Status of each expense line item

Other Bugs and Fixes

  • CPF .txt file for e-submission
    Missing information inside .txt e-Submission file has been restored.
  • Taking 2 leave on the same day
    Employees are now able to take 2 leave on the same day (example: half-day MC and half-day leave).
  • Term and Conditions in Quotation and Sales Order
    We have renamed the ‘Remarks’ section to ‘Terms and Conditions’ in both the Quotation and Sales Order.
  • Signature Alignment in Quotation and Sales Order
    We have adjusted the signature alignment to fit with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ in both the Quotation and Sales Order.
  • Cancellation of invoice error
    An error that occurs during cancellation of invoices or bills has been resolved.
  • Attachments in expense module error
    An error that occurs when attaching a document in the expense module has been resolved.
  • Multiple expense claims error
    Employees are now able to select multiple claims and submit them together.