DashBod HR for iOS and Android is here!

Many small businesses spend a lot of unnecessary time submitting and processing claims for expense and leave. Processing claims requires a lot of manual data entry, which is even worse when there are errors. For all of them, the more time spent on this translates to less time focusing on their core operations, meaning costs […]

All you need to know about Digital Resilience Bonus

The Digital Resilience Bonus and Is It For Me? The past few months have not been kind to us business owners. Established conglomerates may be able to survive the crisis, but what about us SMEs? The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) is a grant introduced by the government to encourage SMEs to digitalise. It is currently […]

Improve Cash Flow Management through Progressive and Recurring Invoicing​

Improve Cash Flow Management through Progressive and Recurring Invoicing Whether you are in an accounting firm, software development, interior design, or marketing, you’ll need Progressive and Recurring Invoicing to manage your retainers and project milestones. Progressive Invoicing DashBod’s Progressive Invoicing enables you to bill a partial amount of an entire project, leaving the unbilled amount […]