How to choose the best HRIS software for your company

Starting your research to choose your organisation’s first Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software can be daunting, with so many things to take note. The high stakes, a limited budget, and numerous choices offered in the market could be overwhelming. 

Now, the question remains, how to choose the HRIS software best suited for your organisation? Let’s look at some key points to consider in making your decision. 

User experience

Before deciding on an HRIS software, you should ask yourself how the user experience is like. This doesn’t include the HR admin user experience solely, but also all the employees in your company. If your employees don’t enjoy using the system, they probably will leave it alone and not touch it. 

An HRIS system should be user friendly and easy to use and mobile apps are preferred. Employees don’t want to refer to manuals to use their HR system. A local support team who can come down and present or a set of training videos provided so that employees can do these things are crucial.

  1. Apply Leave
  2. Submit Claims
  3. View Payslips

This is of great importance, considering your employees are what makes or breaks your organisation with many of the processes being automated, and employees having the ability to log-in and maintain their personal data by themselves. The ease of using an HRIS system and the convenience will be a significant thing to take into consideration.

Mobile and other devices

A modern HRIS system is a web-based or cloud-based service, meaning that you can access it wherever you are, as long as you have a good internet connection.

This is an important thing to remember, seeing that most people do not work from a laptop or computer desk all day. With the ability to access the information stored in an HRIS anywhere, more and more people will be using their mobiles and tablets to check work-related apps regularly. 

This is especially prevalent if your company’s HRIS system has a self-service option where employees are able to log-in and maintain their personal data like leave requests, self-appraisal forms, or even sick leave requests.

If the HR system you’re considering purchasing isn’t optimised for use on mobile devices, that would be a red flag. If the software works on mobile, you must consider what aspects are available on the mobile devices. 

Reporting capability

It’s highly likely that one of the reasons you are investing in an HRIS system is so that you gain insight into your employees’ data, this is where an HRIS system’s reporting capabilities come into play. 

In this day and age, you have better things to do than spend hours each month manipulating spreadsheets and producing management reports. You should look for an HRIS system with powerful reporting tools and capabilities, one that will do the hard work for you and present data in easy-to-understand visual dashboards. 

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