Version 1.31 Release Notes

We are proud to have released DashBod Version 1.31, with several notable few features and improvements that greatly improves the user experience.

What’s New

Sub-Ledger Account for Chart of Accounts
We have included checkbox for “Subaccount of” for each Chart of Account. Allowing you to assign a parent account to a COA.

  • “Parent” & “Sub-account” must be the same type.
  • When an account is assigned as a “Sub-account”, it cannot be used as a “Parent” account.

Sub-Account (General Ledger) 

  • Users are now able to select Sub-accounts when generating General Ledger report.

  • When a “parent” account is generated, all sub-accounts tagged to the “parent” account will be shown.

  • When a “sub-account” is generated, only “sub-account” lines will show

Sub-Account (Trial Balance)

  • Users now able to view Sub-accounts when generating Trial Balance report.

  • Red Box – Parent Account
  • Green Box – Sub-Account of “Sales”
  • Blue Box – Total for Parent & Sub-account

Other Bugs and Fixes

  • Users are now able to cancel Credit Note
  • Invoice Format is now editable for Invoice & Bill

  • “Invoice format” is editable for all status.
  • Default Currency fields in Invoices & Bills fixed

  • Default Currency for Customers & Suppliers can now be set
  • Currency set will be shown in invoices & supplier bills respectively
  • Fixed Invoice format


  • Fixed Foreign Currrency Display on invoice format