DashBod HR for iOS and Android is here!

Many small businesses spend a lot of unnecessary time submitting and processing claims for expense and leave. Processing claims requires a lot of manual data entry, which is even worse when there are errors. For all of them, the more time spent on this translates to less time focusing on their core operations, meaning costs are being incurred.

This is why we developed the DashBod HR app, which was built to automate these manual processes and save time for both employees and finance teams.

How will DashBod HR help you?

1. Expenses

For employees: Capture expenses as they happen and submit them anytime, anywhere.

For managers: Receive claims in real-time, review and approve employee expenses instantly.


2. Leave

For employees: Apply for leave on-the-go and keep track of its status.

For managers: Review and approve leave on the spot.

It’s that simple. Start automating your expense and leave processes now and save time with DashBod HR.

Download DashBod HR now:

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Check out the DashBod HR guide to see how it works.

Note: The DashBod HR app works with DashBod’s desktop app so you need to ensure that you have already have an active subscription on DashBod.

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