Version 1.34 Release Notes

Version 1.34 Release Notes

We are proud to released DashBod Version 1.34, with several notable few features and improvements that greatly improves the user experience. 


What’s New


Renaming of Template

DashBod has renamed our invoice templates from Template 1, Template 2, and Template 3 to Traditional, Modern and Contemporary. This will to avoid confusion and have a clearer name for all our templates.

Here are the samples of the invoice renamed: 

Sample of Contemporary
Sample of Modern
Sample of Traditional

Leave Policy

In DashBod, leave policy can be set-up and applied to their employee profile. This function helps to allocate leave entitlement to your staff.

To know more on how to create leave policy, click here: 

Each leave policy allows a specific leave type to be selected.

Sample of a “Junior Staff Leave” policy

Renaming of printed documents file 

Each source document is attached to a unique transaction number for better clarification.

Other Bugs and Fixes

1)      Alignment for Aging Report

2)      Overlapping text on Supplier Bill printout

3)      Overlapping text on Invoice printout

4)      Default settings for customisation of invoice