Improve Cash Flow Management
through Progressive and Recurring Invoicing

Whether you are in an accounting firm, software development, interior design, or marketing, you’ll need Progressive and Recurring Invoicing to manage your retainers and project milestones.

Progressive Invoicing
DashBod’s Progressive Invoicing enables you to bill a partial amount of an entire project, leaving the unbilled amount to be tracked in DashBod and allowing you to visualise unactualised revenue.

Start off by using DashBod to issue a Quotation to your customer, and then convert the Quotation to a successful Sales Order. You can then convert the Sales Order into a Progressive Invoice based on pre-defined percentages and achieved project milestones.


Recurring Invoicing
You can use DashBod’s Recurring Invoicing feature to automate the creation of invoices for your customers at regular intervals. All you need is to create an invoice in DashBod, tick the Recurring Invoices checkbox, and set up the billing frequency of the Recurring Invoice.


Visit DashBod Guide to learn how to create an invoice in DashBod today.