How to create an invoice online in 90 seconds

In a small business, whoever is in charge of finance has it tough. You’re responsible for everything money-related, from bookkeeping and taxes to chasing for invoices and maybe even payroll. 

And chances are, you’re a key person in the company so this isn’t your only role. Which means any inefficiencies on your part can put your operations underwater.

So how do you free up your time and attention?

If you’re spending more than 90 seconds creating an invoice, you’re spending too much time.

Also, if you’re creating your invoices manually and managing them in Excel spreadsheets, you’ll be left with endless paperwork (not to mention formatting problems) and tasks that just keep piling higher.

Imagine how much time you’ll save

The benefit of DashBod’s invoicing feature is that the software brings a layer of automation to your business. Every day, our software engineers, product managers, user experience designers, and other experts work hard to make the software simple and easy for you.

Our invoice software is built specially for a small business like yours. 

90 seconds is all you need to create an invoice online

Don’t build your invoices from scratch every time you need one. 

For those who are manually deleting and filling in customer data and product information, stop!

Instead, use a free invoicing software like the one offered by DashBod for a simple plug and play use in your small business. 

All you need to do is input your order requirements and the invoice can be sent off just like that to your customer.

Step 1: Launch your invoicing software

The invoicing software lets you save customer information, so you can pull it up easily the next time you need to create your e invoice. 

Important information like client company details, billing address, bank account number, payment terms, can all be automatically extracted and filled up for your convenience.

Step 2: Convert your sales order into an invoice

Manually transferring information from your sales order is troublesome. Besides, there’s a chance of you accidentally keying in the wrong information. One extra or missing number, can mean a whole lot of difference in a transaction. 

However, an invoicing software gets it done without any error. 

Select the sales order, create the invoice, select your invoice type.

Step 3: Send

You’re set!

All the relevant information has been set. Now you can send it to your client.

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Imagine how much faster you’ll get paid

The biggest, most obvious benefit as to why you should create your invoice online is because it reduces the cost of paper that your invoices are printed on. Then there’s envelopes, stamps, postage. 

With invoicing automation, you and whoever that’s involved in the invoicing process will need far less time to complete the task. This means lower wage requirements to get the invoicing done.

  • Are you tired of chasing clients to pay your invoice? Set specific times for DashBod’s invoicing software to send reminders to your customer, alerting them that payment is due. 
  • Give your clients more ways to pay. We understand that every small business has their preferred way of making payment so we made our invoice software to allow just that.
  • Stay organized and ready for tax time. The system calculates taxes payable based on your invoices so you don’t have to waste extra time.
  • Monitor your cash flow easily. When an invoice is paid up or an expense is registered, your accounts are updated in real-time so you can have an accurate view of your cash flow.
  • It’s just more professional. Add your own logo, brand colours and designs to make the invoice your own.

Why online invoices are the way forward

An invoice is more than a tool for getting paid. Great invoices are a means of record keeping, performance tracking, communicating and serving as a paper trail.

Before you generate your next invoice, think about how you can improve your invoice process to improve your bookkeeping practices, financial reporting and cash flow.

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If you’re ready to improve your accounting processes with an e invoice, try our invoicing software for free today.

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