DashBod Version 1.35.2 is here!

What's new in DashBod Version 1.35.2

We are proud to release DashBod Version 1.35.2, with several notable few features and improvements made to improve the user experience. These enhancements will be rolled out to all DashBod users in the upcoming week.

What’s New

Enhancements to Invoice

1. Option to add “Attention To” annotation

Users will now have the option to add an “Attention To” annotation in invoices. This will allow users to include a contact name associated with a certain project.

Below is a sample of the invoice:

2. Mandatory Bank Addresses on Invoice

It is now mandatory to input the address when adding a bank account in DashBod.

This will ensure that the address of your chosen bank will always appear on invoices by default.

Feature to add a Sub Chart of Account

This is a new enhancement to the Charts of Account (COA) & Profit & Loss Reporting function allowing users to have a sub-account tagged to the parent account to have a better view of their accounting transactions.

As seen in the Profit & Loss sheet below, the new sub-account (Sales — App) is tagged to the Sales chart of account.

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