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HR matters: All you need to know about employee record keeping

The most time-consuming and frustrating award in an HR department goes to… (drumroll)… keeping employee records! Jokes aside, this can be an extremely tedious task. How much time do you spend filing, retrieving, accessing, and updating your employee records? If your company like most SMEs, this seemingly unproductive task is one that your HR team […]

Transitioning HR and Accounting processes to cloud software

With new tech finding its way into our everyday lives, consumers now have new levels of expectations and new ways of doing things. A new wave of automation and digital transformation is also flipping companies on their heads. It’s all about speed and accuracy these days. “Work smarter, not harder” has become common-phrase. This entire […]

29 Common HR metrics every organization should be measuring

HR has always been seen as a cost centre and it’s common for many departments to struggle for relevance because they don’t speak the language of business bottom lines or track metrics. HR managers say “But we’re different, our impact cannot be measured the same way.” Well, that’s a one-way ticket to getting minimal funds […]

The step by step guide to payroll software for small business

 If your company has employees, you have to pay your people. It’s that simple.  How you decide to pay them, however, is more complicated.  The fact that you’re reading this probably means you’re tired of all the manual payroll processing and you’re looking to automate the process.  Fortunately or unfortunately, there are seemingly endless payroll […]