Simplify your financial operations through Bank Feed Integration and Automatic Bank Reconciliation

Since the announcement of the SMEs Go Digital Programme by the Government, OCBC Bank has been helping SMEs build stronger digital capabilities through its Start Digital Pack by offering DashBod to over 2000 of their business banking customers.

Dashbod worked closely with OCBC Bank for its Bank Feed Integration feature to further support SMEs in enjoying a seamless experience in their banking and finance operations.

Instead of manually downloading bank statements and uploading on to accounting software, DashBod’s Bank Feed Integration feature allows you to connect your OCBC Bank Feed to your DashBod account, enabling DashBod to receive OCBC Bank Feed transaction updates on a daily basis. 

DashBod’s Automatic Bank Reconciliation feature then pulls data from your OCBC Bank feed, and makes intelligent suggestions for you to verify and reconcile your bank transactions with just one click. 

Learn how to set-up and use these 2 features by reading our step-by-step instructional guide on DashBod Guide today.