excel for accounting

Why small business owners shouldn’t be using Excel for accounting

“I don’t need to incur any extra cost for accounting software so I’ll just stick to Excel” – said the business owner who lost hundreds of hours and thousands of unnecessary dollars. That’s what JP Morgan also thought, before they announced they had lost more than 2 billion dollars on the capital markets back in […]

non profit organization singapore accounting basics

Accounting Basics: Managing a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) in Singapore

If you run a non-profit organisation (NPO), your accounting responsibilities are different from those of for-profit businesses. Even though there are differences, there’s no denying the importance of understanding accounting fundamentals. In order to continue pursuing your cause and operating the organisation, it’s crucial to have an accounting structure that’s robust and a process that […]

payroll software

ROI of payroll software for SME: Is it worth it?

Payroll consists mainly of paying employees, tracking employees and taxes. You may wonder what’s the big deal about a payroll software for your SME then?  After all, it’s just one part of your business admin. Paying employees on time, can’t be that difficult. The smallest companies can manage these with spreadsheets, but at a certain […]

How to create an invoice online in 90 seconds

In a small business, whoever is in charge of finance has it tough. You’re responsible for everything money-related, from bookkeeping and taxes to chasing for invoices and maybe even payroll.  And chances are, you’re a key person in the company so this isn’t your only role. Which means any inefficiencies on your part can put […]

Getting started with an HR payroll management system in Singapore

Oh man, it’s time for payroll again. Urghhh! If you’re frustrated with how tedious, time-consuming and boring it is to manually run payroll, here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be that way. The right payroll management system can save you tons of time and reduce the chance of costly payroll mistakes. Here’s what […]

integrate accounting software to inventory

Should you integrate your accounting software with inventory management system?

Too many small businesses are automating but not optimising. All too often, those missed chances equate to lost profits. Hopefully, you’ve already been convinced of the benefits of accounting software and having an inventory management system. But better than just hope, you can find specific areas to enhance your company’s backend the right way. Starting […]

Top 7 key features every HRM system must have (for Singapore SMEs)

There was once a time where paying wages on time was all that was needed to retain staff. Now, a human resource team’s daily tasks include talent acquisition, performance management, training and development and many more. But rather than overstaffing your HR department, a better investment is an HRM system with features built specially for […]

automate your billing

How to schedule + automate your billing process to get paid faster

If you’re reading this, your organisation probably handles a fairly large amount of sales. And if you’ve reached a certain stage, you’ve realise that you can’t do everything manually. You have to automate your billing process. Because efficient billing processes = better cash flow. An invoice processing system gives busy accountants and business owners the […]

bookkeeping small business owners

Bookkeeping Basics: Best Practices for Small Business Owners

Running a business is exciting. Making a profit is exciting. Realising you have to do maintain your books… probably not quite up your alley. While owning a business doesn’t require you to be a seasoned accountant, sound knowledge of bookkeeping basics and a reliable software can be extremely useful. Like it or hate it, bookkeeping […]